Playing in the Yard on Bailey Bear Ridge
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Playing in the Yard on Bailey Bear Ridge
Follow along as we share our experiences building our own home. We are neither builders nor architects so we get a lot of help along the way!

Playing in the Yard on Bailey Bear Ridge
Rural Ozarks
Madison County
Northwest, Arkansas 72632

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The mis-adventures of the Bailey family building their own home Playing in the Yard on Bailey Bear Ridge
Playing in the Yard on Bailey Bear Ridge
Details about the Exterior and Interior walls of the Earth Shelter house

After looking at the pricing for the poured walls, the proved to be quite a bit more expensive than block walls. We plan to build our walls with standard eight inch cement block. Pilasters will added to the wall every eight to ten feet that will be filled with cement and re-bar. Also, I plan to fill every forth hole with cement and re-bar for additional strength.

Use of a surface bond mortar is planned that will help in water proofing (redundant, of course) and visual appeal.

The longest walls along the outside of the house are only about 6 1/2 feet high.

The walls at the end of the house will be higher to accommodate the vaulted ceilings. They will not extend all the way us as we plan to put triangular windows in place of the wall at the top few feet.



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